Specialist Treatment & Referrals

Some health matters require specialist treatment. If you need to see a specialist you will need a referral, a so called remiss in Swedish. The easiest way to get a referral is to visit your health centre.

What is a referral – remiss?

A referral specifies what kind of care you need. It states whether you need to see a specialist and sometimes what kind of examination or treatment you need. The referral might also describe your general health status (current symptoms and previous health problems).

In most cases you won’t see your referral but the doctor has to inform you about the referral and clearly state where he/she is sending it. You must also be informed about the length of time that you might have to wait for an appointment.

You are covered by the health care guarantee once you have been given a referral to a clinic or specialist. This means that you will need to wait a maximum of 90 days for an appointment at a specialist clinic.

Note, that the doctor who wrote the referral remains responsible for you care until your appointment at the new clinic/doctor. Turn to you doctor if you feel worse or have any questions.

Write your own referral

Some county councils accept referrals written by the patients. Yet, it is quite unusual. It is easier and mostly quicker to visit a health centre – vårdcentral and ask the doctors there to write a referral to a specialist. Learn more about referrals at Vårdguiden.

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