Write a great rental application

Finding accommodation in Sweden can be a real challenge, especially in the cities. One essential step in the process of getting hold of an apartment or room is to write an outstanding rental application. But how is this done? How do you write an application that will make you stand out from all the other tenants?

In this guide we walk you trough the writing processes and give you the best tips and tricks that will make your application sparkle and shine.

 1. Introduce yourself properly

Start by introducing yourself and make sure to mention:

  • Name, age, occupation
  • Mention why you are moving to Sweden (for work, study, etc.).
  • Explain who is going to live with you and why.

2. Good things to mention if you have them

  • Stable income or a permanent job.
  • No payment defaults.
  • References from previous landlords or your employer.

3. Use a customized template

Write a template that you reuse each time you send out an application. Doing so will save time and make it possible for you to reply faster on ads. However, make sure to customize your template:

  • Address the landlord by his/hers first name if you know it. (It is custom in Sweden to just use the first name).
  • Mention something that you really like about the property and/or the neighbourhood. (This shows that you’ve read the ad and know what you are talking about).
  • If they specified an important requirement in the ad (for example no smokers), make sure to address it.

4. Keep it short

No one has the time or patience to read long emails – so keep it short. A good tip to see what your application looks like on a smartphone or laptop is to send it to yourself. This might give you a hint if there is something that needs to be shortend or changed.

5. Timing is key

Most landlords just reply to the first few emails that they receive. So, replying immediately on ads is very important. It can however be rather time consuming to constantly check the different websites.

6. Put yourself in the landlords shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of the landlord when you write your application. How would you feel if you were about to rent out your home? What qualities would you look for in an eventual tenant? Try to write your application as a calming answer to your own hypothetical fears.

7. Show genuine interest

Don’t write, “Hey, is the apartment still available?” as this is probably the most common message landlord receives. Try to write applications where you show genuine interest and make sure to personalize the message.

8. Be proactive

If you have the landlord’s phone number, give him/her a call! If they don’t answer, try with an SMS. Show your interest and follow up on your application. This will put you ahead of dozens of seekers who don’t use the phone number even if they have it.

9. Ask for or accept a viewing as soon as possible

Apartments are rented out very fast. So make sure to ask and accept a viewing as soon as possible. Otherwise the opportunity might slip away.

10. Don’t negotiate

Don’t try to negotiate the price, especially before a viewing. The landlord will have no trouble finding another tenant, so you are not really in a position to negotiate. If the apartment isn’t within your budget, you might be better off spending your time searching for another place.

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