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accommodation in Sweden

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There are many websites and online services that can help you find accommodation in Sweden. Here we walk you through the pros and cons of the more common ones.

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Here are a number of places we recommend for you to find a place to stay. We are convinced that you will find a place to call home and wish you the best of luck but remember to be cautious.


Samtrygg* is considered one of the safest marketplaces for subleasing in Sweden. They help you find a place to rent OR to sublease your own accommodation in a smooth and hassle-free way.

Main benefits:

  • It’s totally free to search for housing, book viewings or create an ad as a landlord.
  • They are confident enough in their product to say it is 100 % free from fraud. And you will never have to pay deposits to strangers.
  • They offer personal service throughout the rental process.
  • All tenants and landlords take part of their sublease insurance and safe agreements.

Pro tips:

  1. With a free profile at Samtrygg you can book viewings on current objects but you’ll also receive notifications when new housing that fill your requirements become available – new ads are published daily.
  2. All information is available in English – just click the flag on top of the site to select language.

Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Facebook groups for people looking for accommodation in Sweden. The most common posts are shared rooms or individual flats (1 room) but even if you are looking for a bigger apartment it’s always worth a try. A plus is that you can meet people who already live in the city.

The biggest English speaking groups for Stockholm are:

Tips about Facebook groups

Facebook groups are usually closed groups. Apply to join and then check them daily because when a property is posted there the landlords get PMs quite fast. Watch out for fraudsters: fraudsters are not uncommon on these groups so make sure to read up on how to recognize fraudsters and how to avoid them here. is the biggest classified ads website in Sweden with a lot of rentals posted every day, but also the place that most people use, so the competition here is high. However, it does come with some down-sides for Newbies:

  • most ads are in Swedish (see insider tip below)
  • competitive: landlords receive a huge amount of inquiries so it’s difficult to get an answer. So make sure to write a good rental application. Learn more here.

Tips about

Translate the ads from Swedish: Use the browser Google Chrome and right click to select “Translate to English” to read a translation of the ad in English. The translation is not perfect but it’s good enough to make a decision.

Use pre-filtered searches: Here you have some handy links for Stockholm:
All Properties in a 30-minute radio to T-Centralen
Properties outside of the city center but still within 30 minutes to T-Centralen is a website where you can find a lot of rooms and apartments. The website has an English version (for the menus and help pages) but the available rentals are usually in Swedish. You can search their website for free but if you want access to the landlords’ contact information you can subscribe for 695 SEK for 30 days. The downsides are:

  • a bit pricey
  • there is no easy way to spot new listings, so you will spend a lot of time trying to spot the new apartments posted after your previous visit.

Tips about

Once you’ve made a first filter, use the chrome translate this page feature and it will translate all the ads at once (until you make another search)

When you pay, you create a personal profile which the landlords have access to. Some landlords prefer to pick tenants manually instead of placing a listing, so if you add plenty of information to your profile you can be contacted by them.

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