Apply for asylum in Sweden

apply for asylum

Once you arrive in Sweden you should apply for asylum a the Swedish Migration Agency. You can do this at the border or at any of the Migration Agency units in Gävle, Göteborg, Malmö, Märsta, Norrköping and Stockholm. 

What you should know when you apply for asylum in Sweden

  1. Your right to legal assistance – most asylum seekers are allowed to have legal assistance when applying for asylum. The Swedish Migration Agency will choose a counsel (lawyer) for you, but you can also suggest someone whom you trust. The Migration Agency will pay for your counsel/lawyer, but the counsel works independently of the Swedish Migration Agency and other public authorities: the counsel’s/lawyer’s job is to look out for your interest and help you explain your grounds for asylum.
  2. Confidentiality – the staff working at the Swedish Migration Agency are not allowed to talk to others about who you are and your reasons for applying for asylum.
  3. Translation – an interpreter translates for you when you are in contact with the Swedish Migration Agency. Note: the interpreter is neutral and will translate only what is said. If you do not understand the interpreter, it is important that you say so.

Your LMA card

When you apply for asylum in Sweden you will receive an LMA card. An LMA card proves that you are an asylum seeker and entitled to stay in Sweden while you wait for a decision. The card is personal and replaces the receipt they give you when you hand in your asylum application.

Always have your LMA card with you and keep it safe. You might need it when e.g. visiting a health institution or applying for a Swedish course.

Useful websites and organisations

The following websites and organisations can offer information and support when you are seeking asylum in Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Agency – is the authority that will examine your application for asylum and decide whether or not you are entitled to asylum in Sweden. You find extensive information about the whole application processes on their website.

Note: the information is constantly updated, so check it out ever now and then. Most of the information is in Swedish and English, but they also have informative videos (about the application processes) in many languages.

The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups, FARRis an umbrella organization for individuals and groups working to strengthen the right of asylum. FARR is politically and religiously independent.

We warmly recommend you to read their “Good Advice Guide” which is translated into several languages (Swedish, Arabic, Farsi, English, Russian and Spanish). The guide contains a lot of helpfull information about your rights and duties as a refugee in Sweden.

The Swedish Red Cross, Röda korset – offer help and support for refugees in Sweden. One of the many things the Swedish Red Cross do, is to provide counselling in:

  • individual asylum cases,
  • tracing of family members and family reunification,
  • send Red Cross messages,
  • returning to the country of origin,
  • certificate of imprisonment,

The Swedish Church, Svenska kyrkan – offer newly arrived refugees in Sweden help to solve everyday problems, but can also offer psychosocial support.

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