Healthcare for asylum seekers

healthcare for asylum seekers

Your right to medical and dental care in Sweden as an asylum seeker depends on your age. Asylum seeking children (under the age of 18) have more or less the same rights to medical and dental care as any other child living in Sweden. 

Adults seeking asylum in Sweden however, are only entitled to limited medical care such as:

  • Health check-up upon arrival in Sweden.
  • Maternal care & assistance during delivery.
  • Contraceptive advice.
  • Abortion.
  • Treatment according to infectious disease legislation.
  • Treatment that cannot wait – applies in cases where the health condition could develop into a life threating situation or lead to serious consequences if not treated quickly. A medically trained person (doctor or nurse) decides if your condition requires urgent treatment).

You prove your right to medical care (regardless of your age) by showing your LMA-card.

Cost and fees?

Each visit to the doctor will cost you 50 SEK and  you pay 50 SEK for every prescribed medication you buy (these prices where applicable in 2015). The rest of the costs will be covered by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Worried, sad or threatened? Need someone to talk to?

Life as an asylum seeker is challenging in many aspects. Many have experienced traumatizing events. Others find the uncertainties and worries difficult to handle. Here is a list with organisations and helplines you can turn to:

The Swedish Red Cross – Röda korset

The Swedish Red Cross – Röda korset  offers treatment, guidance and support for asylum seekers and migrants in a variety of areas. The Swedish Red Cross makes no distinction between nationality, ethnicity, religion, social status or political opinion.

The information on the Red Cross website is in Swedish but there is a translation button up in the left corner.

  • The Red Cross Centres for Tortured Refugees and their families – This is for you who have trouble sleeping, suffer difficult memories, feel stressed, anxious, scared or sad. The Swedish Red Cross has treatment centre’s in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Skövde, Malmö/Hässleholm, Skellefteå/Umeå/Luleå.


Newcomers – is a network for asylum seekers, people without documents and newly arrived LGBTQ individuals. Members of the network come from all parts of the world and have often been subject to persecution in their native countries due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The network’s goal l is to strengthen the members’ identities and voices by creating meeting spaces where members can share their experiences, build relationships, and meet friends. RFSL Newcomers arranges weekly activities, where they discuss Swedish society and organise Swedish language classes. The network can also offer help with practical issues, such as finding housing and health counselling.


Kvinnofridslinjen – is a national helpline for women who have been subjected to threats and violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call. The line is open around the clock and your call is free of charge.

Your call will not appear on the telephone bill.

The staff is Swedish-speaking but will use an interpreter when necessary. Please hold while the interpreter is being connected. It may take up to 15 minutes.

Dial 020-50 50 50 if you want to talk to Kvinnofridslinjen.

Children’s Rights in Society, BRIS

Children’s Rights in Society, BRIS – is an NGO working for the rights of children. Bris is a voluntary organization with no political or religious affiliations, to which children can turn to for advice and support.

Dial 116 111 to reach BRIS.

The Swedish Police – Polisen

In case of emergency: contact the Swedish police!

Call 112 and you will be directed to a specially trained person that will know how to proceed.

Don’t hang on until help has arrived.

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