Make friends & connect with locals

Connect with locals

Connect with locals! Being new in a country can be quite lonely so it is important that you try to meet people who can help you make sense of your new country. Here we’ve gathered initiatives and organisations that brings newcomers and Swedes together. 

Nya Kompisbyrån – matches Swedes and Newbies for a kompisfika (coffee), dinner or meeting online friends (Digitalkompis) to practise your swedish.

Individuell Människohjälp, IM – has many activities for refugees of all ages. You find them in many places in Sweden and they help newcomers find their way into Swedish society.

Internationella Bekantskaper – is an association that matches people who speak Swedish with people who are learning Swedish.

Kompis Sverige – matches Swedes with newcomers, with the aim of creating lasting friendships.

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