Vincent Pitcher, Australia

Vincent skiing

Vincent is a teacher from Australia. He has always wanted to live in Europe. Whilst traveling he heard of a company looking for native English speaking  teachers. After a visit to his new work place he was sold!

Sweden is very green and nature friendly. There is always a lake,  a garden, some animals, trees,  and a mix stunning and moody skies of fresh air. But it is  very hard to adjust to the lack of heat and light for such a long time!  Being Australian that side of things can be quite difficult.

What do you like about the Swedes?

Attention to detail. Be that food, clothing, interior, or just the way that things are kept. Not much is missed.

Vincent at sea

Vincent at sea

What is confusing about Swedish culture and the Swedes?

What the tradition, or social expectation, is!  Some people get pretty upset if you are late for a party. Sorry, was that a party, or formal ‘invite only’ event that requires your correct social involvement?

I do like they way that Swedes stand back. They seem to hang back and let things happen around them. Tolerance is a great trait, but when people actively ignore, or do not get involved in, situations that could do with intervention it frustrates me.

What is your favourite Swedish word?

Mums. I am not sure of its origin, but it describes things as yummy and brings about an image of sweet and creamy.

What do you miss the most from Australia?

I miss the warm summer evenings and the smell of salt air.

Do you have any advice for a Newbie?

Vincent the artist


Be yourself, and bring your culture and humour, sometimes Sweden needs some lightening up.

Do you have an anecdote about something funny that happened during your first time here? 

My funny things revolve around language and how rude things can sound in Swedish if you say it the wrong way. Let’s just say if you used to work as a ‘fitter and turner’, never tell a Swede that. Also try to avoid saying ‘berg’ as in iceberg, it could also be misheard.


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