Recommended blogs

Recommended blogs

Our recommended blogs is just the thing if you are looking for even more advice, stories and tips for newbies? Or just a bit of a fun read about all things Swedish and Swedes? Well, look no further – here we lift a number of blogs that we find interesting and useful for newbies. Find your favorites and start reading!

This is HBG

This is HBG is created by Parul. She moved to Helsingborg in Sweden from India and the  website was born out of her experiences of being lost in translation and navigating through the city and country as a newcomer. She found it quite tough in the beginning with her mind swinging from loving this new slow life and wanting to give up and go back to her own country. But then she realized, it was only she who could change these circumstances. And so she did 🙂

Ás voltas no mundo

This multilingual blog is produced by Sara. Born and raised Portuguese, she has lived in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic and is now in the beautiful Sweden. She writes about her experiences and whatever else comes to mind. Her blog, like her brain is a blend of languages, and you can enjoy her blog in both English and Portuguese. Welcome!

Bee Swedish language blog

BeeSwedish writes a great blog about language and culture. They believe that an interdisciplinary knowledge of factors that has shaped Sweden, together with an analytical mind-set, is the key to a detailed understanding of contemporary Swedish society, communication and language. So head over to their blog and start understanding Sweden, Swedish and Swedes.

Little Bear Abroad

Littlebearabroad is a website for international parents living in Sweden with families of children under 5. Littlebearabroad’s blog follows the journey of an international family settling in Sweden with their young daughter. It explores questions such as “what is välling?”, “how do you dress your kid for winter in Sweden?” and “how do you survive inskolning?”. Littlebearabroad also organize events and meets ups for international parents and their children.

Watching the Swedes

Neil Shipley has lived in Sweden for over 20 years and works as a trainer, lecturer and coach in Intercultural competence and communication. In his blog Watching the Swedes, he writes about his observations from an English perspective. Here he looks on Swedish society and the Swedes – everything from the special to the sublime, the scary to the surprising. It is insightful and a very good read.

Adventures of a job hunter

A great blog about the ins and outs of finding work in Sweden. Büsra moved to Sweden with her husband and explains it in her own words: “My husband got a job in Stockholm, Sweden and we moved here. He is a software engineer, and as you all know they are the new rock stars. I believe in certain countries most of the qualified unemployed ones are spouses of software engineers who relocate frequently!”

Knocked Up Abroad

Knocked Up Abroad is a website for multicultural parents. These personal essays cover the various obstacles and opportunities that parents face when they raise their families in a foreign country—everything from multilingual families, dealing with long-distance family relationships, and the multitude of decisions parents make for their children when living abroad.

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