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Exchange students are not the only ones who can take Swedish at a Swedish university. There are many Swedish courses at Swedish universities and the main requirement is mostly just to be eligible for higher studies in your  home country.

The courses cover pure language courses, preparations courses for TISUS and traditional university studies for people interested in Scandinavian Studies.

However, note that the admission requirements may differ from one university to another and depend on the type and level of studies.  Always check the requirements on the university web page or at the University Admission before applying!

Stockholms university

The university in Stockholm offers a preparation course for the TISUS. The course is called Svenska som främmande språk, förberedande kurs, 30 hp and lasts one semester. To be eligible for this course you need to have previous knowledge of Swedish- level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This will be tested through the admission test.
They also offer a one semester course called Behörighetsgivande kurs i svenska, 30 hp which makes you eligible for higher studies just as TISUS does. It is possible to do the TISUS exam at Stockholm University.

 (Information in Swedish)

Uppsala university

The university in Uppsala has many Swedish courses. One – among many – is the course “Swedish for Academics”. The course is designed to give non-Nordic employees basic skills in the Swedish language and knowledge of Swedish culture and Swedish society. The course is only open for employees and Scholars.

(information in Swedish)

Lunds University

The university in Lund also offer many Swedish courses. An interesting option for newbies is the “Study Abroad Swedish Language program”. This program is designed for non-EU students who wish to dedicate a full-year study to the Swedish language.

Swedish for academics at the university

You can study Swedish for academics  (Svenska för akademiker) at the university. These courses are aimed toward foreign-born graduates in general. The study pace is high and a good portion of motivation is needed. You will need a personnummer to participate in this courses.

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