For foreign-born graduates & professionals

Foreign-born talent? Welcome. You belong to a growing group in Sweden and your skills are much needed here. There are several initiatives out there that offers guidance and support in your work search.
What you should know
One out of five graduates in Sweden are born abroad and changes in our society makes foreign-born talent needed in Sweden.
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Korta vägen
Most jobs are found within a network. You know someone, who knows someone, who is looking for someone like you.
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Incluso is a recruitment and staffing company focused on international talent in Sweden and Scandinavia.
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Specialized language courses
Specialized Swedish courses for foreign-born graduates and professionals who wish to have a faster and more specialized teaching.
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Sveriges Internationella Talanger
Sveriges Internationella Talanger is a network of foreign-born graduates.
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Rättviseförmedlingen helps organizations find skilled people that do not necessarily belong to the “norm”.
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