Step three: Expand your network

Step three/شبكة الاتصال

Most jobs are found within a person’s own network. You know someone; who knows someone; who has a friend that is looking for someone just like you.

The probability of finding a job through your network is significantly bigger than through work agencies.

People in your network are people who know and trust you. They are familiar with your abilities, qualities and strengths. They “get” you. Your network is therefore crucial. Yet, being a Newbie is a lot about not having a social network to fall back on. Is there anything that can be done about it? Quite a bit actually, here are some tips and tricks.

Get yourself out there

Take every chance to meet people. Real people. In real life. Approach people with an open mind. Widen your social horizons – future friends and companions might hide in the most unexpected places.

Be clear about what you’re searching for

Be open about the fact that you are searching for a job and communicate it to your social channels. Verbalise. Put words to your hopes, skills and qualifications. You never know who might pop up with a good tip or idea.

Make it easy for others to help you

Make sure to make the ground work before asking for a favour. Need a phone number? A recommendation letter? Or just a ride? Try to do as much as you can before asking for that crucial favour; most people are glad to help but short of time.

Dive into your hobbies

What makes your heart beat faster? Singing? Movies? Books? Knitting? Running? Or a dynamic yoga session? Exploring your passions is a great way to meet people. A common interest can make you overcome your own shyness but also compensate for limited language skills.

Explore social networking sites

There are all sorts of social networking sites on the web. They can be a great starting point. It is nice to meet up with people who are going through the same adventures as you are and exchanging experiences can be very strengthening. Check out our get social and connected section to find organisations that matches Swedes with Newbies.

Go for a fika

Socializing in Sweden mostly comes with a fika. It looks like regular coffee and snack but fika is the moment where all the really juicy (but informal) matters are discussed. So, don’t turn down a fika invitation and makes sure to taste the cinnamon bun – kanelbulle. Check out Nya Kompisbyrån who matches Newbies with Swedes for fika.

Join your student union

Are you a student? Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up with your studentkår. They organise pub nights, talks and fun things in general.

Write Fan-Email

Ok, this might sound insane, but it isn’t all that crazy. Write to people you admire and tell them you like what they do. It can end there, in a nice gesture, but it can also develop from there; becoming someone you can turn to for advices.

Don’t enter the isolation bubble

Some may love every inch of the networking process while others find the whole processes overwhelming. It is ok to feel like that. Networking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, try not to enter the “isolation bubble”. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break, but make sure to get back out there again.

Be patient

It takes time to build a social network and Swedes are particularly slow and conservative in building friendships. Give it time, you will get there, eventually.

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