Step two: Get visible on the work market

Step 2/العمل

How are employers going to find you if they don’t know that you exist? Making yourself visible on the Swedish work market is a crucial step in your job search.

Register with the public employment agency – Arbetsförmedlingen

Your first step should be to register with the national work agency – the so-called Arbetsförmedlingen, AMS. You will enter the whole official “job-seeking-process” by doing so. It is smart to do this right away, as you may be entitled to establishing support – etableringspaket, or some other kind of work program.

The purpose of these programmes is to facilitate your entrance into the Swedish job market and they do sometimes come with some sort of financial support.  But, don’t settle for just registering with AMS, make sure to try other channels too. Learn more about the Public employment agency – Arbetsförmedlingen here.

Register on different job sites

This is a simple way of showing the labour market you exist. Upload your CV and personal letter on various job sites and make sure to keep track on the different job offers that might pop up. Search on Google or Bing for “Jobsites + Sweden” and you will find a number of job sites that cater to the non-Swedish speaking.

Register at staffing agencies

Another option is to work for a work agency – a so-called bemanningsföretag. The number of staffing agencies in Sweden has increased rapidly over the last years. Working for a staffing agency means that you belong to their “staff” and they send you out on “working missions” to different companies.

There are however certain downsides – you never really know when or where you will work, making it hard to combine with other commitments like family and friends but it can be a good starting point. Learn more about staffing agencies here.

Use the Internet

The internet is a great way to connect and let people know you exist. It is cheap and remarkably effective when properly used. Some alternatives are:

  • LinkedIn. Create a profile, connect and make sure to keep your profile updated.
  • Keep track of organizations, companies and people on social media. Following people, organizations and companies you admire can be quite instructive. Seeing what others do and how they do it can give you ideas on how to do it yourself. It can also work as an inspiration that encourages you to keep on searching.
  • Make your own website. Why don’t you make your own website or blog? It is a fairly easy way to make work samples accessible for a broad public. Give it some thought, especially, if you e.g. work within a creative field where work samples are important.

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