3 December, 2018

Top 10 Furniture/ Home-decor stores in Stockholm

Scandinavia is famous for its interior design. If you know where to look, you can find many high-quality pieces of furniture at 50% less than its original price for a stunning Scandinavian look. Here are some of my favourites. 

There are many great bargains at shops in Central Stockholm. For more variety of choices, you can also take the commuter train to Barkarby or shop online.

Top 10 furniture & home decor stores in Stockholm:

1. Mio

Roma kontinentalsäng från Mio.

Preferred Store Locations: Hötorget, Barkarby, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Bed, sofa, carpets, ceiling lamps & pendants, benches and stools

Recommendations: There are a lot more colours, textures and sizes to choose from for a single product in stores. The price can be 30-50% lower during the holiday season sales. It is easy to have your furniture delivered all at once for a fixed cost. They also offer great customer and installation services.

2. Hemtex

Preferred Store Locations: Hötorget & other locations in Stockholm, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Pillows, beddings, cushions, curtain holder

Recommendations: Wide choices for making your bed feel luxurious! Love their pillows and beddings.

3. Furniture box

Preferred Store Locations: Barkarby, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Marble table sets.

Recommendations: Around 1,000 SEK for a trendy and authentic marble table that can easily cost 9,000 SEK.

4. H&M home / Zara Home

Dricksglas - Klarglas/Guld - Home All | H&M SE 1 Förvaringskorg i metall - Guld - Home All | H&M SE 1 


Preferred Store Locations: T-Centralen, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor:

H&M home: Small home decorations, stationery holders, plates & cups, basic bedsheets, candles, bathroom mats

Zara home: living room decorations, bathroom fragrance

Recommendations: cute and trendy decorative products.

5. Åhlens

HIgh quality Cotton Linen Underbed Drawers from Muji. They do things so well! Don't forget to include your natural moth sachets to keep those munchers away! Ã–verkast Olivia, 180x240 cm, beige

Preferred Store Locations: T-Centralen, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Storage bags (Muji), curtains, kitchenware, placemats and coasters, bedding covers, chic ladders

Recommendations: The storage bag in Muji is probably the winner.


6. Cervera

New England Bestickset 30 delar Essence Vinglas 45 cl 2-pack

Preferred Store Locations: Hötorget, Karlaplan, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Kitchenware, glasses and cups

Recommendations: Glasses are of great quality with 2-6 pack bargains.

7. Folkhemmet

Glimminge Bord 60cm Marmor Glimminge Cafestol

Preferred Store Locations: Bromma, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Balcony tables & chairs

Recommendations: super chic matching table and chair sets for outdoor

8. BGA Fotobutik

Spegel Ralph Guld - Egna mått

Preferred Store Locations: Östermalm, Online.

My favourite furniture/home decor: Mirrors with frames

Recommendations: Custom your mirror frame and size in the shop. A mirror that costs over 10,000 SEK in retail stores will only cost 3,000 SEK with the same luxurious mirror in this store. Definitely great customer service!

9. Stockholms Ljusbutik

Image result for Ah Belysning G932 Haga Mässing Läslampa Enkel

Preferred Store Locations: Kungsholmen, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Floor Lamps & lightings

Recommendations: Watch out for the signs with ‘final item’ sale!

10. Granit


Preferred Store Locations: Hötorget, Online

My favourite furniture/home decor: Wardrobe storages, candle holders

Recommendations: stunning and economic wardrobe storage

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Teenie Fung
Teenie is a Stockholm-based investment advisor and tech enthusiast. Inspired by the gigantic potential of Stockholm aka 'Unicorn Factory', Teenie left her job from a top-tier bank in Hong Kong and moved to Sweden in 2017.
Prior to that, she worked in different countries across Europe and Asia, challenging herself on cross-border investments and business development. Since the beginning of her new life in Stockholm, she has been actively engaged with high-tech transactions from startups to multi-billion dollar companies in the Nordics.
She's also the creator of an online activewear brand ( and the founder of a fashion community that is still active today in England. At present, Teenie continues to seek for emerging technologies in pursuit of improving everyday living and a better future.

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