What should you expect at a job interview in Sweden?

Well done! You made it through the first step of the recruitment process and have secured an interview. How do you prepare? What can you expect? Based on discussions with recruiters and HR managers, and my own experience, here are a few pointers to help you get ready. Disclaimer: these are general tendencies, I can’t […]

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Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Malmö

Turning Torso in Malmö

Advertised by Poker Stars Casino Malmö is the biggest city in the county of Skåne and third biggest in the entire country. It offers a mix of modern facilities and architecture and historic buildings and structures that give the city a certain charm.  Located in the south of Sweden, Malmö is more than six hours […]

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Swedish Autumn is here!

The summer is almost over in Sweden. However, trust me the fun is still not over. You still have time to enjoy nature before winters approach. Yes, friends enjoy the Swedish Autumn season. Now you see the magic slowly unfolds as the landscape turns to beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. The million-dollar question- […]

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A Guide to Starting Hockey

Hockeyplayer player outside

Advertised by Unibet If you would like to start playing hockey, read on to find out how this article will give you tips for the beginning hockey player. The tips will help you improve within the shortest time possible and make you a better hockey player. So, without further ado, here are tips on how […]

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Gamla stan: Stockholm’s old town

Due to the pandemic, we cannot go to far off places, this gave me a wonderful time to explore Stockholm. Stockholm is known for its rich cultural heritage, the architecture of the buildings, and museums. But it also houses one of the city’s earliest settlements, still featuring the medieval street layout. Yes, you have taken the right […]

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A Guide to Improving at Competitive Games

new skills

Advertised by Storspelare Casino Online competitive games are slowly gaining precedence as a hobby and leisure time activity today. Engaging in some one on one head-on competition with strangers is, after all, a great way to burn some energy and bring back color into your life. Such games are therefore turning into everyone’s favorite thing […]

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