Kattegattleden- a Memorable Ride

Kattegattleden was nominated best European bicycle path in 2018. The prize is well deserved as it offers some of the best views of the west coast of Sweden. It takes you from Gothenburg to Helsingborg, or vice versa, across the Halland province. It’s mostly flat, well signed and wide enough to allow a ride in […]

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The Masked Crusader

This post was written by Letty The New Normal Blog 2 in which our intrepid Observer delves into the murky world of mask wearers and confronts the prejudices of the Naked Facers. There’s  also a bit about getting your hair cut. OK, so what bit about wearing a mask do people not understand and why […]

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What are the Consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis on Your Job Search in Sweden?

In April 2020, the world went into ‘pause’ mode while COVID-19 spread. Most of us have put projects, travel plans or even expatriation on hold. Job search and career change were halted. But what can we expect from the Swedish job market in the near future? As one of the only European countries to not […]

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Moving to Sweden During a Pandemic

Moving overseas is an exciting time, where dreams and expectations collide, and where the planning and preparation is filled with giddy anticipation. Moving overseas during a pandemic throws in a lot more complications, but is no less exciting. My family and I decided to move to Lund, Sweden, from Canada back in February 2020. My husband’s work […]

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Entertainment in Sweden: What’s popular?

Advertised by Paradigm Digital Living in another country always offers an abundance of exciting new things to do and see, and Sweden is certainly no different. If you’re considering starting a new life in Sweden, you will surely want to know about the country’s entertainment scene. So, check out the following types of popular Swedish […]

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me

A beginner’s guide to The New Normal. Focusing on Stockholm, this is the first of three blogs written from a bemused Irish woman, as she attempts to understand the Swedish reaction to COVID–19.There are no answers, only observations.  ” It’s a long road that has no turning. “ This blogpost was written by Letty. It’s […]

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