28 January, 2020

Leaving Sweden – Step by Step Guide

No matter how much Sweden covers all your needs, it might come a time when you feel like spreading your wings and fly away.

Relocating abroad from your home country is a tricky matter. Relocating from a foreign country back home or to yet another unknown destination could be an even tougher nut to crack.

Figure out all the paperwork that needs to be done in a language you don’t feel super confident in can easily get out of your hand. No worries, it’s not rocket science!

We prepared an easy guide that will help you to organize your transition, plan it in advance and check all the necessary steps afterwards, just to make sure your move from Sweden will run through smoothly.

No matter the reason for leaving, with our step-by-step guide, the practical side of the story will feel as easy as pie.

Inform the Skatteverket

The first and utterly important thing, inform the Tax office. Fill the blanket, send it or visit the office personally. If you don’t state the date of moving, Skatteverket counts the date of receiving your blanket as the date you left Sweden.

If there are children moving as well and they are older than 16, they can fill the blanket themselves. You, as a parent, will have to sign it under.

The blanket to fill in English may be found here.

The taxes

Once you inform Skatteverket about you moving abroad, there still might surface issues about taxes payments. If you own a property in Sweden or run your own business registered in Sweden, you can be asked to pay taxes in Sweden.

Always check with the Skatteverket office, each and every case can differ!

Pension savings

It’s always advisable to check with your retirement fund what applies to your specific case and what will happen with your pension savings once you move abroad. If you’re unsure about your pension, ask your last Swedish employer.

Image @ marten-bjork-unsplash

Change the address

Change or cancel your address! Even if you unregister from Skatteverket, there will still be mail coming to your old address. Whether it’s advertisements, mail from school, previous jobs, your old bank or pension information.

You can even ask for resending of your mail to your new address abroad, for a small fee. Do it under this link.

Inform your bank

Cancel the bank account, return the cards and let the money be sent to your new bank account. Do this in time, there can be issues with your last salary coming to your old Swedish account.

If you decide for whatever reason to keep your bank account and cards, inform the bank about your new address so you can receive all the important post or new cards to your new home. However, keeping an eye on your Swedish bank account and making sure there is always enough money to cover the small fees for having the account, can be tricky.

It’s rather advisable that if you don’t plan on moving back to Sweden, to simply cancel your account for good.

Keep track of all your documents

Trust me, nothing is so frustrating as trying to get a certificate of employment from your Swedish employer while already living abroad. Keep track of all your paperwork and check if you have all the necessary documents for your future employer.

That can include:

  • certificate of employment,
  • certificate from the employment office (if unemployed),
  • prove of insurance, in other words, prove that you were living in Sweden for a certain period of time (this will vary from country to country, double-check the exact name of the certificate you might need in a country you’re moving to)
  • your university degree validated and / or translated or proof of your studies in Sweden,
  • language certificates you obtained or another diploma from all the courses you took.
  • If you have a personal number, this will stay with you wherever you’ll go. The fact that makes easier so many things in case you still plan to stay in touch with your Swedish past.
Image @ kelly-sikkema-unsplash

Last but not least

Don’t forget to return all your books to the library (yes, that happened to me, sending them by post was an expansive matter), check if you paid all your bills or fees, inform all your friends, sell your card for a public transport, buy a new SIM card and don’t forget to inform about your change of telephone number, buy your favourite sweets you might miss abroad, visit your favourite café before leaving and above all get your NordVPN running if you don’t want to miss your favourite Swedish TV shows on STV Play or TV4!

We want to save our forests, but if you’re a nerdy type, you can always print and double-check all the necessary steps in this handy English guide from the Migration office.

Good luck!

If you decide to come back after some honeymoon with different countries, check our easy-peasy guide to Return to Sweden – Step by Step guide!

Veronika Opatrilova
Veronika works as a Stockholm guide, writer and translator from Swedish. She was born in the Czech Republic, but, as she says, her heart and soul belong to Sweden. Sometimes she leaves for new adventures and lives in different countries, but she always comes back. She is in love with black Swedish coffee, cardamon buns and a ferry to Djurgården.

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