Networking & support

There are many organisations out there that can help you in your work search. Some do so by offering hands-on support other by trying to change the underlying structure that might create hurdles for newcomers in Sweden.

Why you should network

Most jobs are found within a network. You know someone, who knows someone, who is looking for someone like you.

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Jobbsprånget offers a leap into the Swedish job market by connecting academics who have newly arrived in Sweden with employers. 

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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden provides free online career and study guidance for people who want to move to, or just moved to Sweden. 

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Korta vägen

Korta vägen is a training program for foreign born graduates with the aim to help foreign academics establish professionally in Sweden.

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Mitt Livs Chans

Mitt Liv offer a mentoring program for newcomers with a post-secondary education who don’t a job in Sweden equivalent to their field of competence. 

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SWENCL: Sweden’s Engineers Club

Sweden’s Engineers Club works to create  an opportunity for networking between native and newly arrived engineers in Sweden.

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Volontärbyrån helps non-profit organisations find people who want to engage themselves in volunteer work.

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Incluso is a recruitment and staffing company focused on international talent in Sweden and Scandinavia.

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