6 indoor activities to do in winter

“There’s not bad weather, only bad clothes”, a Swedish proverb says. Mm… Is that right? The hassle to wrap myself up with infinite layers of clothes, including two pair of socks, waterproof boots, gloves and a hat it’s not something I’m looking forward to. Although I love being outdoors, doing activities close to nature, this […]

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Beating the winter blues in Stockholm

The festivities are over at Littlebearabroad HQ. The twinkling strings of lights have been taken down and we’re bracing ourselves for the bitterly cold months of January and February in Stockholm. The kids are sick of wearing their winter-overalls and are just… well, sick. In collaboration with LittleBearAbroad Parents all over Stockholm are dreaming of […]

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Exercising outdoors in the winter

Presented with Carbibles Winter is coming. Should we all lock ourselves at home? Probably not. Swedes are exercise lovers and spend a lot of time outdoors, but how does that work in the winter? More importantly, how does exercising work when you are a foreigner not used to cold winters at all? Travel experts say one […]

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